GHCi demo (x86_64)

Example of running GHCi (x86_64) on browser using container2wasm.


[launch ENTRYPOINT] [launch shell (sh)] [disable networking]

It can take some time to load and start the container.


Running the following in the container will get the contents of the demo page over HTTP.



Container can perform HTTP(S) networking via the HTTP(S) proxy running on the browser. In the container, http_proxy, https_proxy, HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY are pre-configured to the proxy's address ( The proxy (+ networking stack) run on browser, relying on the browser's Fetch API. So out-of-browser proxy service is NOT used. HTTPS connection is terminated at the proxy and relies on Fetch API for re-encryption so the certificate for the proxy is configured as SSL_CERT_FILE=/.wasmenv/proxy.crt in the container.

The proxy is experimental and has limitations:

Please see also container2wasm repo for the details and other less-restricted networking methods (e.g. WebSocket + out-of-browser networking stack).

Tested on Google Chrome 116.0.5845.187. More info including docs and source code is available from container2wasm repo. This page is served from container2wasm-demo repo as GitHub Pages.

Source Container Image

FROM debian:buster-slim


# haskell dependencies
RUN apt-get update && \
    apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \
        # ca-certificates \
        curl \
        # dpkg-dev \
        # git \
        gcc \
        # gnupg \
        g++ \
        libc6-dev \
        libffi-dev \
        libgmp-dev \
        libnuma-dev \
        libtinfo-dev \
        make \
        netbase \
        xz-utils \
        zlib1g-dev && \
    rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

ARG GHC=9.10.1

RUN set -eux; \
    cd /tmp; \
    ARCH="x86_64"; \
    GHC_URL="$GHC/ghc-$GHC-$ARCH-deb10-linux.tar.xz"; \
    curl -sSLk "$GHC_URL" -o ghc.tar.xz; \
    tar xf ghc.tar.xz; \
    cd "ghc-$GHC-$ARCH-unknown-linux"; \
    ./configure --prefix "/opt/ghc/$GHC"; \
    make install; \
    # remove profiling support to save space
    find "/opt/ghc/$GHC/" \( -name "*_p.a" -o -name "*.p_hi" \) -type f -delete; \
    # remove static libaries and interface files to save space
    find "/opt/ghc/$GHC/" \( -name "*.a" -o -name "*.hi" \) -type f -delete; \
    # remove docs to save space
    rm -rf "/opt/ghc/$GHC/share/doc"; \
    rm -rf /tmp/*; \
    "/opt/ghc/$GHC/bin/ghc" --version

ENV PATH /root/.cabal/bin:/root/.local/bin:/opt/ghc/${GHC}/bin:$PATH

CMD ["ghci"]

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