Space-efficient Static Trees and Graphs

Guy Jacobson

(presented by Vaibhav Sagar (@vbhvsgr))

Data structures take up too much space!

A pointer to n possible locations needs log2n bits

Data structures with n items need O(nlog2n) space for pointers!

The rent is too damn high!

Source: The Atlantic

Unlabeled binary trees only need 2n + o(n) bits

One approach: balanced parentheses?

Better space usage, but inefficient to use

How do we get efficient space usage and efficient operations?

Metrics for space and time

  • Space: measured in bits
  • Time: measured in bit-accesses

Ranking and selection


ranke(S,i): The number of es at or before index i


selecte(S,i): The index of the ith e

Time complexity

  • O(log2n) at the time of writing, O(1) now!

More resources

Rank/Select beyond bitmaps


Implicit bitmap

Level-order binary marked

Level-order binary marked

  • left-child(m) = 2 ⋅ rank(m)
  • right-child(m) = 2 ⋅ rank(m) + 1
  • parent(m) = select(⌊m/2⌋)

Level-order unary degree sequence

Level-order unary degree sequence

  • first-child = select0(rank(m)) + 1
  • next-sibling = m + 1
  • parent(m) = select(rank0(m))


Parentheses balancing

Bounded pagenumber graphs

Bounded pagenumber graphs

  • node-to-edge(m) = rank0(select(m)+1)
  • edge-to-node(e) = rank(select0(e))

Succinct data structures today


Compact Data Structures


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